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Beyond Your Past
Podcast - Ep. 34 - Neuroplasticity, healing the mind and body from chronic illness and trauma
May 11, 2017 Matthew Pappas
Hope for healing for abuse survivors and those living with chronic illness, that's the topic of this podcast with Kami Lingren. Specifically, we discuss neuroplasticity and the DNRS program. Kami is a chronic illness blogger on and also a participant in the DNRS program. After a few months, her results both on her physical and emotional health, have been remarkable and we share those along with her experiences so far in working through the program. I hope this episode resonates with you, and if you would be so kind as to share it with someone who might need it too, that would be amazing. We are all survivors together, navigating this healing journey. Be sure and check out - and follow me on social media. Twitter: @SurvivingMypast
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